Projections of Long Term Care Health Costs for your clients aged 55 to 75, that are:
- Probability Based
- Customized to your client's life span and risk class
- Immediately downloadable in a "hands-on" system you lease
- In a format that you can use in financial projections
- Available nowhere else!

Long Term care costs can range from zero to well over a million dollars over the course of your client's lifetme.  PDRP Plus is the only system that can logically account for this potential wide variation, through the use of probability theory.
Don't oversimplify long term care costs in your client's financial plan by:
- Ignoring them
- Assuming a single event at a single time
- Assuming that Medicare will cover them
- Assuming that the Medicaid Route will be a satisfactory "back-stop" if needed
- Assuming insurance will completely solve the issue
PDRP Plus:
- Based on Actuarial Studies produced by the Society of Actuaries and others
- Provides unbiased information that can be incorporated into your client's financial plans
- Created by Jack P Paul Actuary LLC
- Available as a "hands-on" system for probability distributions
Expanded capabilities available through a consulting arrangement with Jack P Paul Actuary, LLC - see below
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Coming soon - Upgrades included in the license -
- Spousal and other unpaid help
- LTC insurance
- Additional cost structure options
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